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Season 6, Episode 4 CCTV-14HD When a controversial African politician (guest star James Earl Jones) falls ill, he is brought to Princeton Plainsboro for treatment.

The team struggles with whether to help a merciless dictator being subpoenaed for crimes against humanity in his country.

The team needs him more than ever when they are unable to diagnose a loud-mouthed video game creator who posts each new symptom on the internet and opts for treatments suggested by the online community rather than by the doctors.

Meanwhile, as Foreman angles for House's old job, the pressure to solve the case creates tension in his relationship with Thirteen.

Beginning with a two-hour premiere set almost entirely inside the psychiatric hospital, Season Six will explore House’s long and twisted road to recovery: Can he find some version of sanity and normalcy?

Can he stay away from the workplace that arguably drove him to mental instability but is also the only stable foundation in his life?

The team must work to diagnose the young girl, who is less than honest about what happened the night she fell ill, and as her condition worsens, becomes unable to distinguish fact from fiction.

Meanwhile, Cuddy and Wilson attend a medical conference for pharmacology and public policy.

Nolan that would allow him to blackmail his way out of the treatment center and convinces Lydia to loan him her car to sneak out a delusional patient in an attempt by House to undermine Dr. But when devastating events ensue, House is humbled into reluctantly accepting help. House begins a detox program at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital to get the vicodin out of his system in an attempt to control his hallucinations. Nolan agrees to write a recommendation to reinstate House’s medical license only if House agrees to further treatment.Wilson accepts even though he is reluctant to believe the cancer has returned.With the help of the team, Wilson works to diagnose the patient more optimistic results, but when things take a turn for the worse, Wilson must address his inability to separate patient from friend.For the ailing patient, intelligence is a miserable burden that has prompted depression and addiction, and this, coupled with his myriad unusual symptoms, nearly stumps the team.Meanwhile, the doctors at Princeton Plainsboro wrestle with strained personal relationships.

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The father of the patient believes the karmic penalty of his financial success is that he is victim to personal tragedy, and that the answer to his son's medical mystery lies in a reverse of fate rather than medical treatment.

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