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They’d try to win you over by revealing their love for you early…and if you were desperate, you would fall for it.

Some men had tried with me and failed because their love confession came too early and it was unrealistic.

I was looking for love, but did not make me desperate or stupid enough to fall for such silly tactics.

Bad experiences had actually made me very picky and generally untrusting of men, hence the number of guys I agreed to meet has dropped a lot over time. Even after knowing the common tricks, and having suspicions that it was a scam, the fact that the scammer had OTHER ACTORS working with him and even BACKGROUND SOUND EFFECTS to match what I thought was happening made it EXTREMELY convincing, and even when I had evidence that it was a scam, I chose to ignore the warning signs because the acting and sound effects were so convincing.

I thought with my level of waryness towards the male species, identifying a scammer would be no problem for me. For some women, this could have resulted in them losing their life savings.

For me, because I strongly suspected I was being scammed but was already emotionally hooked, I lost slightly less than a month’s salary.

We’ve all heard stories of online scammers romancing women in Malaysia, usually Nigerian or African scammers stealing someone else’s photos and using it as their own, then cheating unsuspecting lovelorn women out cheating them of their money.

I, single-woman in her 30’s, had been doing online dating for many years, and met a lot of those men in person, locals as well as foreigners, without any trouble.

Subtle ways of putting the idea in my head that he needed a woman in his life and that I could be that one special person.

This is also a warning sign, if a person you met online refuses to video chat with you, he/she might not be the person behind the photos.

He intended to be there only few days, but over the course of our chat, he claimed his stay got extended longer than he had planned as he found many antiques to buy.

He claimed to be mixed Scottish-Serbian and had been working in KL for the past 4 months, buying and selling antiques from Malaysia to US and UK and intending to register a company in Malaysia.

He had a sexy voice and a strong Australian accent, and he explained that that is because he grew up in Australia.

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Since he sounded nothing like an African, I didn’t suspect anything.

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