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Johannesburg sex

Read: Rand nosedives in wake of suggested constitutional changes from Public Protector No-one should evade justice via technicalities.This constitutional overhaul is the sort of positive, progressive thinking needed in South African law, as rates of rape and sexual offences are on the rise It is a change that will protect the victims, and make life increasingly difficult for offenders.DESPERATION Hostels grew up alongside South Africa’s mining industry throughout the 20th century as workers flooded in, extracting the gold and diamonds that built Africa’s most advanced economy but leaving the social structures in their villages in tatters.The system had the blessing of apartheid’s white rulers as it provided the mines and industry with cheap itinerant labour, and left the workers’ families in remote rural areas.

This law does not apply to rape, however, nor is it applicable to murder, kidnapping or treason.Nkabinde’s hostel is typical – a three-story brick building in the south of Johannesburg that serves as a home to more than 3,000 men. Some sleep on the metal frames of beds with no mattresses.Beneath them, others sleep with only blankets protecting them from the cold concrete floor.“In my grandfather’s days there were a few foreigners but now foreigners are more than us,” said Nkabinde, who pays just 27 rand (.50) a month for his tiny share of floor space.The government is considering asking hostel dwellers to leave for temporary shelters while unspecified “permanent units” are built, a prospect that does not appeal.

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Cape Town Sunday Serenity Akeso Kenilworth Clinic Outside unit ( paint room ) 32 Kenilworth Rd Info line: 27 (0) Local website: For local contacts, click here.

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