Partners of sex addicts chat room

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Partners of sex addicts chat room

Prairie View offers individual and group therapy on its Newton and West Wichita campuses.

There are support options for spouses and partners as well: a group for spouses meets on the Newton campus, and individual therapy for spouses and partners is offered in both Newton and Wichita.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please call Marlys at the Adlerian Center.

SPECIFIC TREATMENT GROUPS INCLUDE: Recovery, Healing, and Hope for healthier lifestyles and relationships are possible.

Founded in 1954, Prairie View is the state’s only faith-based non-profit behavioral and mental health center with locations in Newton, east and west Wichita, Hutchinson, Hillsboro and Mc Pherson.

Prairie View serves as the Community Mental Health Center for Harvey, Marion and Mc Pherson counties.

Have you made repeated attempts in therapy or support groups to control your sexual behavior, only to find yourself stuck in self-destructive patterns?

Do you feel extremely depressed or hopeless because of efforts to break away from a pattern of compulsive romantic relationships?

In practice, treatment for sexual addiction works in sexual boundary development; the effective management of feelings, moods, impulses and cravings; and the reduction of the shame that drives the addictive cycle.Or see if you can answer yes to more than one of the following questions: As a recovering addict, have you been unable to remain sober from drugs and alcohol related to your sexual behaviors or romantic entanglements?Do you spend long hours on the computer downloading pornographic images or interacting in chat rooms while neglecting your job and family?Recovery, Healing, and Hope for healthier lifestyles and relationships are possible.Sex addicts can change from using a mood altering behavior to having authentic connections with themselves, their partners, and their families.

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Sex addiction is a persistent and escalating pattern of sexual behaviors that result in negative consequences to self or others.

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