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Astoundingly, with all the technology available today, we still have no way to access printed books online (other than through limited snippets thanks to

Desire for profitability and control of intellectual content coupled with a lack of a micro payment infrastructure have resulted in most content publishers (magazines, books, science journals, etc.) denying the public access to their content unless they buy their books or pay for subscriptions.

Even as search personalization advances, theres also the much larger question of what knowledge or content is available to be searched.

Google has no technology to understand the intent of the searcher, for example, other than a rudimentary analysis of a string of text characters.How do we evolve our societies into something more productive, more rewarding, and more in harmony with our natural environment?Answers are found in many disciplines: psychology, spirituality and religion, health and wellness, and even sociopolitical theory.Whats needed to uplift our civilization is a Global Electronic Library.Presently, we are nowhere close to a Global Electronic Library.

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