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(Hopefully most of that information will no longer be needed, though some of the tips for Apple users etc may still be of interest).

Discussion around issues with Godox’s original firmware updated software and procedures can be seen here.

Try this first: Go to Device Manager (Instructions are above), scroll down to Smart Card readers, right click the CAC reader that shows up below Smart Card Readers. Hit OK, then select Extract (lower right corner of this window).

You should now see your new folder on your desktop to open up. Updating the Driver - for IOGear GSR-202 reader Plug your IOGEAR CAC reader into an available USB port Allow Windows to load the generic driver Go to the IOGear website and download the driver for GSR 202 CAC Reader to your desktop Create a folder on the desktop to extract the driver's zipped files Unzip the file to the folder you've created Go to Device Manager Select the CAC reader Right click the driver Select properties Select update driver Select Browse Select the IOGear driver from the desktop folder. If you are unable to start the service; It doesn't show up; Activ Client still says no reader attached; or it acknowledges you have a CAC in the reader (but you can't access it) follow these registry edits below.

It was Rep Rap's first firmware to feature acceleration, the first being ported to an ARM-based controller and continues to be excellent at what it does.

Teacup is known to run on RAMPS, Generation 7 Electronics, Sinap Tec, the Teensy2, Teensy3, Generation 6 Electronics, Sanguinololu, Generation 3 Electronics, Nano Heart and for all other Rep Rap controllers it should be a matter of adjusting the pin mapping to get it running. It avoids C in favour of plain C, uses 100% integer math and works very hard to minimize/eliminate long math operations in interrupt context.

Click System, select Device Manager link (upper left corner of the screen), scroll down to Smart card readers, select the little triangle next to it to open it up.Its also important to follow Godox’s instructions on draining any remaining power from the device where needed, before connecting to the computer – Godox use various methods to access and display the firmware version currenly installed on their flashes and radio triggers – X1T – Turn device OFF. Godox – Firmware Updates English Website Godox – Firmware Updates Chinese Website .If you are copying the firmware update file to the SD card using a memory card reader / writer.*Be sure to use fully charged battery (D-LI109) If the camera turns off during updating due to lack of battery power, the camera will become inoperable.

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