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The year was 1962, and through 1966, a camp was the home to North Mountain's lookout.

In 1964, the present 67' treated timber tower was built with an R-6 flat cab.Five (Kloshe Nanitch and Lone Mountain on the Olympic Peninsula, Pine Mountain and Sopelia near Yakima, and Flagstaff in Colville/Kaniksu NF) have since become "standing no more." As the years progress, more lookouts will inevitably fall into unrecoverable disrepair.Also, it is likely there are a few obscure standing lookouts that are not identified on this page.Some of the standing lookouts even have beds and stoves for a first-come, first-serve overnight stay.*When I first began researching fire lookouts in 2010, there were 92 lookouts still standing in Washington.

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Many are the remaining fire lookouts in Washington are located on rugged summits overlooking the forests of the Cascade Range.

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